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Triangle Inc. – An advertising agency founded in 2009 by three students from Birzeit University, whose goal was to provide creative services and solutions in the advertising sector, and now the company includes a large group of creatives and experts in the fields of marketing, design and event management. The company meets the needs of a large number of companies and institutions in the Palestinian and Jordanian market, and its team works diligently to provide everything that is new and creative in the world of advertising by integrating technology and ideas with experience to come up with a distinctive creative image and present to the public an elaborate and striking work. The company specializes in planning, design, implementation and supervision services for everything related to the world of graphic and multimedia design, in addition to electronic marketing services through social media and websites. The company also provides printing services and implementation of advertising campaigns through its network of strategic partnerships with major suppliers working in the field.


To be able to create creative marketing solutions based on scientific foundations that combine setting marketing goals and finding the optimal ways to achieve them, taking into account a complete understanding of the target market.


A print piece or a successful website is not only a pretty design; it is a full understanding of what the client wants and needs. This is why we, at Triangle Inc., discuss and understand our client’s requests and desires, and work together to deliver appropriate, satisfying, and the BEST idea, design and print. Let our “Brilliant Minds” do the job.